I saw a dream

To be at rise as chief

I set a goal of double my size

Thought would seize the zeal.

I worked for life

For hours I fought

For many a years I sought

Perfection, success, ambition rare.

How much I wish to care

For a blossom of joy

From success so high

With pride so pure.

Lo! I forgot

A goal for a day

A goal for today

Is the finest of the way.

For out of millions who set a goal

A few I believe do get

The joy of a dream real

The pride of being dear.

Rest thousands more who fail forever

Or raise no funds for long

Such many more my heart does know

Never sleep for hours.

Then why not friends

Change old trend

Keep but a smaller goal

And play our daily role.

Each day to rise

Each hour to work

Life to attain

What God does serve.

Never again a fossil or fear

Shall rise to lower the image,

Of his who works and works so hard

With no frustration real.

Teachings from Divine can suppress anxiety of ambition…

Faith-filled words heal stress-filled ambitious mind…

Courtesy of Live From Santa Fe

* * * * *

Written by Ekta Kalra

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