Can you wait my dear death?

Who created me?
From where did I come?
Where will I go?
What is my life’s goal?

Don’t teach me to be rich
Teach me first to live
If smile brings joy
Why it is not within reach?

Who will make me smile?
Who will care for me?
When old age knocks in
Where will I go?

Who will touch my heart
And feel the cause of beats?
Is there a hope for me?
Where and in which corner of world?

When the stars don’t shine for me?
When the sky is dull and dark
Then when will my world end?
Will there be plain rhythm without a joy?

Why at the time of my birth a new climate change?
Why problems arise and knock in within range?
Why am I expected to run in the world
When I am learning to walk in a slow pace?

Why is there tragedy in every home?
Why every society is with a flaw?
Why at the hour of challenges I was born?
Why not a safe home dear?

I am affected my dust
There is hurricanes on the flow
I fear a little tank flow
There are floods in a row

My heart swells to burst
I find dispersed tears
Why no heaven’s support?
Left alone on life’s floor.

Let me rise then
Let me arise then
Let me use my energies
Let me address my adversaries

Let me not resign before I begin
Let me finish my goal dear
Wait for me sweet death
I am on the flow dear

I know you miss me
You want me to travel more dear
But then life has many many things missing
Let me create some peace here.

Talking to the sky
I hear my own voice dear
Listening to the scripts
I see more missing goals here.

I see there is pleasure
But it no more pleases me here
To be born for smiles
Was never a goal real.

Let me listen to my heart
Let me meditate with knowledge in mind
Let me begin before I am declared a fail dear
Let me make you wait dear.

When my parents smile
I feel my joy
When the world shall shine
I will see more smiles

Let me capture the wind dear
Let me conquer the sun dear
If sin weakens the mind
Let me question my work dear.

I won’t walk alone
Your fear will always be with me dear
When I want to rest my mind
In your shade I might stand dear.

But till then separate me from all sins
Let me light the light of rhythm
May life celebrate a new victory
And then I am all yours dear!

Written by Ekta Kalra

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