I am an Indian man

I left her with my eyes

To the door of freedom

Searching, deciding

And re-addressing self.

She stood near and around me

A lady yes!

No, I am a gentleman

I look not with that eye,

But a lady means a lot to me

A bride,

A mom, a sis,

And a ….

You know my genuineness

You believe the same

Lady was good in looks

Par my wife in roof.

You know honest motives

Sanity and control of thoughts

I felt nothing much

Wish my wife she was to replace.

I hate a look of male

On my wife’s face

Wish I could keep her hidden

Below my dominance surface.

But when it comes to me

Err…I am an Indian man

Culture here forbids

Marriages many by man.

Nay not a woman

A wife never

Should even talk decent

To a man in corner.

Yes! Err…no

It’s not wrong

You see it’s the way

The world grows.

Me no exception

No reason to be

My wife in curtain

Me with new dreams.

But then for a moment

I feel huge pain

Of my conscience

On my name….

Is stuck the mark of blunder

A sin….again…..

I wish I could be better

More honest in my ways.

Look! Err…this one is new

How simply she is dressed

She is so polite too

What I was saying…………

Yes! The lady in black and blue

Dressed innocent like dew,

“You look like a pearl

I wish I was with you.”

* * * * *

Written by Ekta Kalra

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