Is marriage an unrest?

When love understands all emotions

Not under dressed for pleasure alone

It means more.

Space for thoughtful expression reveals 

There is sanity in every flow

Love is not heart alone.

It says, “I love you”

But means much more 

When love smells home 

And cares for every dream in fold.

When love says a hug 

It means care not pleasure 

Love that is always there 

Should be felt by every bit of hair.

I don’t deny pleasure 

But love has smelt selfishness 

There is nothing that lasts 

But love fades fast.

I am hurt 

Wounded deep within

Don’t offer me a cup of wine 

I need love for shine. 

Will you understand?

Will you never?

What you sort?

What you achieved?

End of dream

Love is beyond reach

Crying or weeping within 

I am simply at a home

Not my home. 

Casting shadows still

Love moves around 

Four walls of house.

Marriage is unrest 

Thoughts deny imperfection 

I am asking for loaf 

Am I?


Written by Ekta Kalra

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