Is simplicity a sin?

Mastering solitude 

I live in peace.

Friendships are not for me,

My simplicity brings my defeat.

Do you know why simply I cry?

Why my tears stand unheard and denied?

Why I am not acknowledged for my work?

Because I practice simply simplicity.

I face tragedies daily,

People hurt me on face,

I cannot practice a run,

Because life is an evil race.

I don’t deny sorrow

I accept it as my part,

How often I stand weeping?

When no one hears my inner storm.

Yet my mother understands many

Defeats which I never deserved

I am in pain and life’s game 

Serves no roof for same.

I am not hurt by emotions alone

Logic too supports my tragedy 

I know what is grief 

I have witnessed a daily defeat.

Still I love though with fear

Still I stand though crippled

Still I smile when I want to cry

Is simplicity my sin?


Written by Ekta Kalra

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