Kargil – Winner India

The Sun to lighten

The burden of thorns

The neighbors of rose

Live to harm.

We the youth of Indian soil

Salute the nation and claim its pride

Is not wealth or beauty alone

But love that protects what heart does hold.

Fight out, fight in

The alien must depart

The land be free

For innocence to breed,

And justice to live,

No foreign thought

Shall ever touch

Our mother’s heart,

No alien can crush,

Cause not a thousand mere

Or a lack more

But 100 crores are the savers of love.

The love will never end, fade or die

Count not how many on border to die

Count if 100 crore sources of death can live to lie

Cry not, mourn not and nay not weep,

Indian soldier die to live

Fights he, wins he

The medal of goodness

The pride adorned.

Jai Hind

* * * * *

Written by Ekta Kalra

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