Life After Death – Mother Teresa

Tears revealed the depth of their sorrows

When they hid their curtained face

Countless women with untold sorrow

Cried at heaven’s need for earth’s desire.

Some cried without tears

When the silence of their sorrow

Was heard by unknown ears.

Sorrows did spread faster than fire

Was burnt live many dreams to satire

“Its no death”, said a man wise

“Wise people did they really if ever they died?

“Tell me why we pray to Divine

For He too when came as mortal

In the finite earth, died.”

When a child shall be saved from cries

An old from disease,

Mother Teresa shall be seen.

In the face of a gracious one

With pure in good deeds

The fragrance of her words

Shall exist till eternity.

Mother Teresa did not die

She will live till her sweat shall shine,

Till her path shall be followed by many alike,

As an angel she is, we believe

When pain of hearts shall be healed,

In the noble one in deed

Mother Teresa shall be seen.

Courtesy of Poetry Downunder

* * * * *

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