Life is within and outside reach…

Music entertains my mind 

But fails to entertain my soul.

What can heal emotions?

I speak through broken heart.

Let it be your preachings

I have seen good ones fainting 

The best ones weeping

Explanation failed many a times in eyes.

In search of real Divine being 

Who feels

Who heals 

Who speaks to my soul.

I cannot justify defeat of good 

Sometimes not even the war with right

I am shattered within with defeats 

I am in search of relief and peace.

I want to know the answers 

But questions are raised all the more

I think we cannot answer them all

But then why ask my heart’s solitude.

Denying peace from within 

Many stand for war 

Innocents still weep 

Emotions still creep.

I am looking for songs of love 

When I find another trapping 

There is no where goodness shining 

At least not within reach.

Give me peace 

Divine give me peace 

I have always been rich 

In principles which you cherish.

Why do you make me weep?

Why do you test me daily?

My heart too creates a sound

Don’t you still believe me?

You made me a human beyond my control

You assigned me rotten roles 

You made me creep and weep 

But you never understood my defeat.

Why you never speak?

Why my pain fails your reach?

Why I am ashamed of life?

When life is your gift. 

You never created equals 

Not even my five fingers.

You never answered life’s storms 

Not even in the weeping crowds.

Why divine why?

Why I am targeted by self angers?

Will I die in the same dust?

Where I denied to live.

I don’t have destination as your temple 

Peace comes from within 

I seek you in your work 

As you ask me for my karma 

Heal divine heal

Feel divine feel

Realise my joys in life 

And celebrate with me a smile.

Never say no to life 

Never rejoice of grief 

But when it comes to faith 

Cast your destiny in it.

This is success 

This same is defeat 

Life daily repeats 

I am within and also outside reach.


Written by Ekta Kalra

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