Love and Life


I wish to write

The words of my heart,

The cause of its beats

The delicacy of thoughts.

Courtesy of Little Brown Poetry

* * * * *

A million reasons

Still to know,

The beats of heart

The sound that flows.

* * * * *

Nothing more than love

Nothing less than hate,


Should be in our heart

If we wish to become great.

* * * * *

Live a life

Only if you can strive

Not for the good of self

But for the self to be good.

* * * * *

A moment’s joy

An age’s despair

Life your ways

Are unfair.

* * * * *

In the difference

Between fair and material

Swings the human mind and soul,

Fate plays a game

And swing breaks

Man falls to breathe

Material world in grief.

* * * * *

With bright sunshine

When good time arrives

Ordinary smiles.

* * * * *

They rejoice on gain of loaf

They share pleasure of their own

Innocent, they believe

Just though it is

Life needs meal

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