Love’s shine doesn’t impair 

Nurture good thoughts 

Walk noble path

Be obedient to goodness

This is life’s thought.

You don’t have to deny justice 

Believe more in friends 

If someone creates a mischief 

Teach lessons to learn from err.

Mysterious goals are rising 

Happiness is moving beyond scope

Reason like and unlike together 

In wisdom your love should enrol.

If someone teaches discipline 

Be the first one to learn 

Be obedient to good teachings 

Love the learn unlearn.

Don’t support tragedy in mind 

If negativity prevails 

Take yourself to nature 

In a garden you shall repair all blame. 

Morning walks are good 

So are evening strolls.

Walk like wisdom rises

In every good deed you enrol.

Keep walking at your pace

Increase the speed like the will

Always design discussion

With knowledge you shall better believe.

Written by Ekta Kalra 

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