Say No to suicide

Why count self-mistakes, when you have to go for miles? How will you never fall, when life itself is trickey and impolite? So sing! So rejoice! Celebrate your every attempt to rise! Then no matter if you fall, you at least won’t carry the burden of it all. It hurts! It pains! So dwell within in peace! If exterior aches, search something within. True! Trouble there is! So appreciate self- defects in motion for repair.

Believing self if difficult, take help of Almighty, may you remain as dear! If it crumbles, if it breaks; sing songs for repair even when motion for work stops! Celebrate life! Life isn’t a gift always as it appears to me and you but still celebrate life! Sometimes forgive self and love life! Sometimes forgive life and love self! You be alive! Live your entire life! Be alive!

Remember suicide might not appear to you at times that big a crime but love yourself and see again through loving self-eyes; true! Suicide remains to be the biggest crime! Submit self to progress not pain during progress. Rejoice self in pain, for you are in progress! And success will be yours someday, on some way, in some sharp sun rays! Below the shade of your sweat, you will smile forever when success too melts to be yours in working sun rays.

This is fortune, your work! This is misfortune, your desire not to even attempt for success. Understand the difference and then work in your pace! With time increase on your pace enough for your place but within the limits of heart’s pace and pain. Life is a game but you don’t play. You work to win the every episode of the game! This is life! This is entertainment! Let there be smiles! You have to travel for miles! Why find or search mistakes in self? Let not your work melt your eyes! Let your work melt your forehead! And in the melted forehead space, you swim to the target set in motion by your every attempted pace. This is life! This is the reason why we are alive!

Attempt for work! Let success reason its destiny that’s you! So rejoice! Make the right choice in life, for life! May you be alive in bad hours as all great humans did. And then after the death of bad hours may you like great humans live to taste delayed success but yes its success! Its success because it shines on the melted forehead and prior melted eyes. May you smile after every cry since cry cannot be stopped may your smiles never feel the defeat while being alive! May you attempt to kill bad mood and live long! Just as all great humans killed and escaped the bad hours. May you be great after every defeat may there be scope for success born! May greatness be in search of your right thoughtful way. This is the play! Life is no game! If you refuse to play, life is a game! If you spend hours with the mobile and laptop to play your time to dust then and only then life is a play. So smile! So shine in work and in work you smile! And rejoice again while you search ultimate peace and this time not just from mobile!

Let there be chanting for success on your way! May you attract wealth by the progressive attempts you make! This be the truth, the light, the way! Your attempt to live, defeating death’s arrival on your way! Your attempt to be healthy. Making life a celebration not a matter of disease or decay. This is the submission. This no permission sought. This is perfection attained but first as it is at the level of the right thought! Live! Love life more!

Take pleasure in defeat for one day you will defeat the acquired defeat! Let there be light! Of another future attempt in every defeat! Defeat is not for suicide. Defeat is for the preparation of the next attempt. Rejoice that you will work again to try smarter this time. Break with friends and teachers that discourage. Change the choice of people but don’t give up life. Attempt success again! Remember Einstein too had failed several times. So attempt success a new smart way this time again and again. Till you like Einstein succeed once and forever. Be Einstein  of the education system! Be the success story after failures! Break with teachers, friends who discourage. Live life strongly. Attempt success! Attempt for life! This is the way Nikhil Chandwani arrived after failing in his Engineering exams. He left his studies as the first year student to be a writer of his own type. World fame and more he has today to survive for and with.

This is the way Abraham Lincoln turned to be the President and wore the dress of place and peace for even the slaves — who were otherwise unheard by human species. Survive! Attempt success! With success alone you don’t shine! You shine even when you “attempt” for success. This is life!

Here are some verses especially for You:

It is the auspicious occasion of facts

Where facts get governed by acts

There we recite or chant

Perfection be on to us as it is to the ants.


These trees speak to me

They survived for hundreds of years

They had not kept the option of suicide open

Cause they too believe like me

What about You?

Is life to live!

Yes! Life is to live!


Call two a two

Or two a three

If your faith fails to provide you perfection

No one can help you achieve.


Why add drops to drops? Why not filter complete unrest? For perfection attainment doesn’t always remain in script but at times perfection acts as the real player. This is life! This is perfection! Virtues not confined to words! Virtues take heed of actions! This the desirous episode of life! Virtues survive in virtue-filled environment. And virtue-filled environment is created by virtues. This is life! The cause we all should survive. Life! Live! Love!

Master what my friend? The biggest friend and enemy rests within. Even when exterior welcomes happiness. Inner feelings prefer to weep. There is nothing occasional or substitutional, all we have is to discover self. Invent a new self each morning! Fight with what that is felt, unfelt? There is rhythm in the heart as long as you think perfect, else death is a sin even if it is by stress. Stress leading to disease is just another form of suicide. Smile! For there is reason in remaining alive! Survive! Shine! Smile!

If you value logic, logic is in survival! Bad period of temporary! Tomorrow still has secrets its its arrival! So smile and live! Let life breathe in perfection or imperfection, doesn’t matter as long as you value human race and have others good as the ultimate aim! Gain! Regain! Climb! Re-climb! Build in your own staircase! Rejoice then and shine! If you value human race and other’s gain is your aim then why end the source of other’s gain? Pray that you remain! Live! Love! Remain on Planet Earth!

Vision doesn’t resemble success alone! Vision exceeds the limits of perfection! Visualise self with perfection! Only then the brain is set to motion! Love life more! Life might not give another chance for revision! This knowledge attainment be your life’s goal! Remember your every role in every area be there your running goal! Let then the time in perfection roll! Don’t scroll! Don’t shout! Love beyond doubt! And deny wrong in the goodness of its doubt! This is your heart’s real sound. Rhythm that announces perfection in the real rhythm pronounced! Rejoice! Reunite to positivity and positiveness around! Live! Smile! And let life climb to rise! Rise your stand with rising your’s all around.