Positive thoughts for you

Look right into the eyes of time

And then smile.

This is life.

Don’t waste it.

You need to occupy every land 

With dreams to build tomorrow

A natural way of healing

Let there be knowledge.

May your mind be built from pieces

That gather mass with time

Let there be progress

Each day has a story untold.

Begin now!

Begin fresh!

You can do it!

You are the best!

Now you climb stairs 

Tomorrow you rise

There will be great pride in store

You have to gather life.

Smile as you move 

Move as you smile

Life takes turns

In each part you survive,

With a smile 

With a hope

With the work 

Who’s fruits slowly enfold.

Success shines best

When happiness smiles 

And says you are the best 

Now live your life!

Written by Ekta Kalra