My biography in short poetry form

When emotions sink in my shoes
Shrink my status of a human
There is courtesy felt nowhere
I believe I am alone.

I don’t have a boyfriend
I don’t need any
I feel the biggest plight is not absence
But presence of someone you have no control on.

I don’t recite mantras
I don’t chant divine’s name
My goal is running far from achieving self
To the attempt to serve the world
Is this a sin?

What if I rise?
Will the world arise with me?
Will someone listen to my thoughts?
Or will vanish in dust my painful heart?

I don’t capture disease
I care for my own health
What else is remaining on earth?
Than talks of disease and death

Why I cultivate on dust of land?
Why I wish to stand as rich?
Why self protection is so important?
Am I missing the joy unreached.

Why I daily get up early?
What goal does my morning works serve?
Am I also an atheist practicing religion?
Or am I a religious soul from divine?

Who is nurturing my thoughts?
Why am I impatient in life?
When old age too can serve glory
Why do I care more and hurry?

I don’t neglect health
I don’t disrespect age
I care for kids like self
But my mind is still at unrest.

Unsatisfied with self
Unsatisfied with the world
I move alone and when no one speaks
I ask what is my life’s goal?

Written by Ekta Kalra