Title: Why you priests made me an atheist?


What if I fail?

So what if I will fail?

I will try again!

The motivation for Balance: Reason why happiness when the ultimate goal is to enjoy! From “What if I will fail?” to “So what if I will fail?” is the route that I have taken from birth till today. It is not unwise to fail, it is unwise not to stand again. My failure won’t be final and so will be my victory! Why you don’t see why I speak this in the world in misfit? I know you understand your life too is a dream waiting in a queue to be real someday! But then life can be lead in imperfection as well only thing is that you choose to stand again and again as strong as ever before. Now you stand and take a stand to stand the wrong and evil with a smile! If it hurts you then you cannot boycott life, all you can do is continue with a grim sometimes and rarely maybe even a smile might knock in again your door to success.

Why not aim high? Why care for the roof alone, why not make a palace your home? Aim high! Materially? No! Spiritually and socially? Yes! Realize your goal as a social being not alone as the only being to succeed. This is life – to serve rather than to succeed alone. With you should stand many a broken hearts supporting crumbled beings, this be the life of your dreams.  A manifestation of perfection and perfection be in your beliefs! This be the dream! Real may be your this believe! Life teaches so that you learn. Doubts don’t gather below the flame, under it there is light and life’s ultimate aim, which is to serve and not get served alone. This be the dream of those alive that they aim high to love and care not get loved and cared alone. This be life’s goal! Logic be applied to tragedy and there’s what the brain should be set in motion not to weep but to rejoice with the completion of perfectly good deed fighting the misdeed.

Thoughts are transparent to your past actions and present belief! You can, therefore, see your past actions and present behavior through your thoughts. That doesn’t mean occupancy is important. Buy yes chanting for success leads to its repetition. Music that’s cultural is real entertainment. The belief that superior power supports is the right way to feel secure. Idealizing God or perfection is thought maturity. Staying without food is self-control. Observing the moon and stars is being connected to the milky galaxy as a whole.

Reasoning the attitude of pandit but leads to pain in believe area. Seeing the pandits moving after money is leading to self-riding for money alone. It at all something should stand unmanipulated then that is believing a temple where no pandit creates insecurity for the poor. This is a religion! The absence of it makes me an atheist. Where my money speaks clear it cannot be a spiritual place. It has to be material land. Where money is heard distinctly by the pandits and need of blessings goes unheard when the person needing it is poor. Pandits on land fail to feel the human needs stand. Why created Hinduism if the pandits stand as corrupt? Have faith in money’s power to impress the pandits of the temples’ holy floor. Why money speaks louder than words that praise Lord Ram. You pandits turned me to an atheist. But Why?

Let there be motivational balance and that be bestowed by the pandits. May my dreams be fulfilled by chanting for success but for that, there should be no money requirement. My motivation should come from the temples as free. Let there be some places on earth where money is not heard, money doesn’t speak. Under the shade of right religion may my prospects to serve the society be self-realized and portrayed in reality. For if the pandits will charge for bestowing emotional balance then my aim shall be to gain emotional comfort through money and this shall be incorrect or more than wrong! Serve, Pandit, Serve! This be rightly heard!