War – We hate thee

An age to make him a man

Moments to end his life span

He is shot dead

By another gun in common hand.

Where threat rests on brow

Revenge beats in heart

Love rests alone in holy books

Market reads the bloodshed wars.

Innocence weeps tears

Childhood droops

Adult move as adolescence

No place for right in roof.

A bloom of care

A thought to repair

A dream to change

Makes me write this phrase.

How long shall humanity degrade

Below the burden of wrong

Will no one come ahead again?

To end the existent wars.

Peace, peace each heart cries

With a loaf we survive

A loot of fame, money and claim

Makes no better the climb.

May I, may you, may we all change

Change for peace on land.

* * * * *

Written by Ekta Kalra

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