Yes! I am made a man

Compromising at every step

At every corner for health in life

Walks a common, saving self

From wounds aloud, all around.

There is panic and pain

Tortures that insane,

Conscience – desire of being good

Turns weak and rests till demand for food.

What a reason dwells in hand

For such a change my friend?

Infancy of reason in action

Deep thoughts hold no breath.

Blame whom, my dear

Storm dwells within,

Even when exterior is silent

Heart throbs painful rhythm.

Its creation of God

Heaven, home and tomb

All different still alike

For a broken heart heals by none.

A common on road

Struggling for floor to stand on,

Walking on stairs of need

To satisfy just food’s dream.

A common too lives

He too is alive

How many in rich and rare

Does this often realize?

Enslaved in free world

Loaded an invisible load

Of need of shelter, food and cloth

He drags his dead self on road.

Disappointment breeds in eyes

Enthusiasm decays with life

He smells insecure future

Approaching nearer each time.

Still he believes in Divine

With a million reasons in hand,

Thanks to God he says

Yes! I am made a man.

* * * * *

Written by Ekta Kalra

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